I’ve been gone for so long!

My scale is also broke D: 

I don’t know what happened to it 

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    and this one 

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      'Cause I really like this picture. 

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        Feels sooooo good

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            fitspo + motivation and tips ;)

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              I’m gonna do Just Dance 4 for 30 minutes every morning, and see if that works. It’ll be more of a fun way to work out, then :) 

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                  -80 POUNDS DOWN SINCE MAY!

                  The journey to weight loss isn’t going to be easy and always as smooth as you would like. I hit some bumps in the road but I never gave up. I have a ways to go before my college graduation in May and it is my UG to be 140 and have lost a total of 140 in one year. Sometimes you may feel defeated and feel like giving up, but if you let one bad day get to your heart then you may never find success. I want this for all of you! Believe in yourself, trust the process and only good things will come. You are all beautiful and I am always here to help. 

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